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Reaching out to youth and working with today's young people is an on-going project for many Civitan clubs. Each year over 500,000 young people are involved in a Civitan sponsored activity from scouting to citizenship seminars. Civitan clubs take great pride in supporting young people through a multitude of projects and programs. Junior Civitan, the oldest and most successful program of Civitan International, is a community service organization for young people. Generally, Junior Civitans improve their schools and communities through service to others. Junior Civitan International has more than 500 clubs in North America, Europe, and Africa. These 17,000 members are committed to improving the world and the lives of those less fortunate. There are opportunities for fun and fellowship on all levels of Junior Civitan. Clubs hold regular meetings and projects in which members are in contact with each other.

Junior Civitans help others, particularly those with developmental disabilities, assist those less fortunate, and promote environmental and drug abuse awareness. Junior Civitans not only help other people, but they have a great time doing it. By working together, Junior Civitans learn the importance of teamwork and making friendships that will last a lifetime.

We are proud to have a Junior International Event in Canada. Click on the link for Sno-Do for more information.

For more information about Junior Civitan in your area or if you are interested in starting a Junior Civitan Club in your community please contact us at:

Sue Lundrigan, Junior Chair, reddevilsue@aol.com