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Club History

The Durham Civitan Club chartered September 2014. The members work to make a difference in the community in which they live and address the needs as they arise within the community.

The club is not political nor religion based and was formed to help those facing struggle.

The Durham Civitan club is part of Civitan International, which can boast over 1000 clubs and 70,000 members worldwide. This organization was formed March 17, 1917 with a primary focus on children, specifically those facing mental challenges. Civitan International encourages its clubs to seek out the specific needs within their community and to fulfill those needs. Civitan also has a junior program with over 500 youth clubs boasting a membership of over 15,000 e a Junior Civitan Club can be found here in the Durham region.

Since the formation of The Durham Civitan Club many local events have been organized. A few such events were: wine tasting, craft and cocktail evenings, an annual community wide donation collection, a vendor sale, as well as parent and tot cake pop workshops. Each event has raised funds for different organizations, community needs and services required for example; Kinark, Grandview Children's Centre, Herizon House, Intensive - TLC, Autism Ontario - Durham Region, Wounded Warriors Canada, and several other organizations and programs.

The Durham Civitan Club has become known for being the first to spring into action when there is a catastrophic event such as a house fire. Durham Civitian Club is seen as first responders within the community, as people know that they can call upon members of the Durham Civitan Club to help; whether it be to gather donations or to provide a warm blanket and support our members are available.

The Durham Civitan Club takes pride in the community and strives to make it a better and more caring place to grow and raise a family.

Please inquire about membership within our club.

New members are always welcome.